The Rae Morris brush line is a high-end line of brushes, featuring a dizzying array of shapes and sizes, and available at a higher-than-usual price point.

The launch campaign aimed to educate customers on their quality and establish Rae Morris as a top-tier makeup artist. Telling the story of her professional experience and keen eye for quality communicated the value of the product. It established that purchasing her tools is an investment in the craft of makeup artistry.

The images for the campaign were shot in the U.S. and by Rae Morris’s team in Australia. The challenge was to write a creative brief specific enough that the two sources of imagery would blend seamlessly into one campaign.

We combined glamour shots of the brushes with shots of Rae applying makeup, using some of the more unique brush shapes to create her work.

Prior to launch, we interviewed Rae about her experiences getting started in the beauty business. Her story is an inspiration for aspiring makeup artists and we made a point to dive deep into the difficulties she went through while establishing herself.  

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A buyer’s guide was created and sent to Beautylish VIP’s to purchase from the Rae Morris line before the official launch. The organization of the buyer’s guide helped customers understand the wide array of brush shapes and sets being offered.

One of the biggest challenges for Beautylish was to clarify potentially-confusing product lines so that customers new to the line could easily understand the products and pricing.

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For the launch, the buyer’s guide information was translated into an online lookbook so customers could view the brushes in close-up detail, learn about the qualities of the line, and understand the sets and pricing.

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