In the early 2000's, Joshua White reformed the iconic Joshua Light Show. He originally made a name for himself as the leader of the house lightshow at the Fillmore East in the heyday of the 60's and early 70's, performing for everyone from Janis Joplin to Jimmy Hendrix to Frank Zappa. 

When he brought the lightshow back together, he invited me to become his principle collaborator. At the time, I was performing live video mixes at raves and in galleries—a practice that was the cultural offspring of his original lightshow work. 

Our first performance together took place at The Kitchen (NYC) and had musical accompaniment by Delia & Gavin. From there, we expanded to a core group of 8-10 performers, who participated in exhibitions and performances throughout the world.

Performance highlights:

Hayden Planetarium Residency

For three nights only, New York's legendary Joshua Light Show will present Fulldome, an eye-popping, 360-degree work of light and sound that explores the neurological phenomenon synesthesia, or the blending of sensory experiences, in the American Museum of Natural History's Hayden Planetarium.

Netmage '08, Bologna, Italy

Joshua Light Show performance at Netmage '08 with Silver Apples (Simeon Coxe) performing "Oscillations". Music curated by Nick Hallett. Bologna, Italy January 26, 2008

Lincoln Center Out of Doors performances with  performance of E2-E4 by composer Manuel Göttsching. 

Whitney Museum

The Joshua Light Show performance with Bec Stupak for the Whitney's Summer of Love show. Also featuring the beautiful Viva Ruiz and the fabulous Muffin Head. June 2007, NYC.