Beautylish is the sole U.S. distributor of Bioderma makeup remover, a product that is globally recognized for its gentle but effective formula. To launch the brand, we had to create a compelling campaign that would generate desire for the product and overcome key challenges—how to make each order recognizable as coming from Beautylish and how to make a utilitarian product fun.

THE CONCEPT: The campaign concept had to work across all elements—web, email, packaging, and events. The Beautylish Pharmacy starring Bioderma was developed as the throughline to tie everything together.

THE PACKAGING: Beautylish is the exclusive official retailer of Bioderma in the U.S.—all other sources are grey market. It was important to create an instantly recognizable experience that established Beautylish as the source of purchase and looked more desireable than ordering through Amazon. The packaging also served as photo backgrounds for customers to post to social media, an essential channel for spreading the word about Bioderma.

Inspired by the whimsical style of french illustration, we worked with an illustrator to create a hand-drawn Beautylish Pharmacy logo and a french street scene that incorporated a pharmacy store front.

These illustrations were then used to create elements of the marketing campaign, starting with a series of emails and a landing page to capture email addresses for the launch.  


We wanted to build buzz for the product before launching online, so we set up a large booth at the makeup trade show IMATS L.A. This got the product into the hands of influencers and our most loyal customers before launch day. Through the event, we were able to tell people about Bioderma, give live demos, and answer questions about the product. It was also an opportunity to spread awareness of the Beautylish brand.


For launch, we created the Beautylish Pharmacy online. Since the initial Bioderma offering was only 3 SKUs, we wanted to provide some experience around the purchase as well as education on the product.

Click below to experience the live page:

Packaging was key to tying the launch together. For Beautylish, this was often our only physical touchpoint with the customer. It was also a major driver of social sharing, so we wanted people to be excited when they received their package. We took the illustrations and translated them into packaging elements that could be used by customers to stage their instagram photos.

Post-launch, we created a deck for Bioderma to show each element of the launch campaign.

Click image to view presentation: