In 2004, Bacardi launched their new line of flavors and decided to create an elaborate traveling campaign to promote their flagship flavor, Bacardi Limón. 

They came to me to create a series of videos that would look natural in the context of a club without feeling like a commercial. The pieces were designed to incorporate the space-age theme that ran through the campaign and were mixed into video content that was performed throughout the night in cities all across the United States. 

The result was a seamless effect—video that felt cutting edge, on par with content happening at raves and clubs across the country, but still brought the viewer back to the Bacardi Limón brand.

For the project, I assembled a team of animators to create fun but elevated looking bumpers that could be mixed as loops into other video content. I directed video that was then incorporated into 3D space scenes along with the Bacardi Limón bottle. 

Once the clips were complete, I assembled a small team to travel the country on several tours to perform video mixes at clubs and parties in over 40 cities, as well as document each event during the campaign. Live footage was mixed into the video content throughout the night to tie club-goers into video content and the Bacardi Limón world.